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6808 Barger Pond Way Knoxville, TN 37912
Phone : 865-938-4717
Fax : 877-798-3183

Products & Services:

Consultation to discuss needs, product fit and budget.

Certified structural engineer for East and West market regions. Sealed drawings to meet codes.

Coordination with architects and contractors to meet specifications and construction schedules.

Manufacturing and shipping complete kits to sites. Licensed, insured installation available within 500 miles.

Rusco Canopies
manufactures and distributes high quality aluminum covering structures for entryways, walkways, loading docks, and shelters.

Our designs are clean and simple, performing with little maintenance. Our systems have precision fit & finish and are perfect for attractive retail or office facilities.

Featuring the SUPERDECK Extruded System

Professionally engineered Extruded Aluminum Walkway Covers for Schools and Commercial Facilities.
Architectural Entry Canopies, Loading Dock Covers, Staircase Covers, and multi-use Shelters.

Extruded Aluminum Entry and Walkway Covers
"Results Covered"

The Reliable Canopy system that's easy to Install and Looks Great Too!

Design • Production • Installation
Fabricated and Shipped to your location.
Turn-Key installed solutions available.

Rusco Canopies - Building Relationships with general contractors & builders
to follow the needs of construction projects. Well engineered, simple,
and well constructed covers, canopies, and entryways.

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